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"Authentic" Blue Lantern Ring needed! (topic)
Next year or the following Dragon Con, I plan on getting my BL suit together, but everywhere I look and everywhere I go, I can't find a ring that satisfies me. I assume that  a good number of you have seen the GL movie, so...
Costumers Hall


3-Jul-11 03:15:31
ring and battery finished (topic)
hi there guys ive been lurkin for awhile now and have decided to construct my own power battery and gl corps ring the ring is made one hundred percent of fimo and joined together with hotglue and the battery is a polystyrene sphere...
Costumers Hall


14-Jun-11 13:52:54
Wild West Green Lantern Idea (topic)
I was thinking on the costume Lantern I want to do and thought, what if I made one that was from the Wild West. Now this could be anything from a Cowboy to a Texas Ranger. I am looking at the following ideas for cloths: Cowboy Hat...
Costumers Hall


20-Nov-10 01:29:42
Truly Custom Lantern (topic)
Out of curiosity, what is people's thoughts on a truly custom lantern?  By this I mean more than modifying the basic costume.  I don't know how many of you remember this, but back in the mid ninties DC did a series of one shots...
Costumers Hall

Wookiee Gunner

12-Nov-10 21:46:30
Looking to Get Red Lantern Costume (topic)
Hi,I'm new to the site and I love the Green Lantern, Loved Blackest Night.  I really would love to get a Red Lantern suit.  Can anyone help me?  I was told that cptnspndx makes them and hangs out here but I'm having...
Costumers Hall


20-Oct-10 01:56:10
White Lantern Dove (WIP) (topic)
(Updated)For the White Lantern Dove I've decided on the white and silver satin spandex.I will be using peacock blue for the original Dove.
Costumers Hall

Silver Faction

8-Sep-10 04:19:17
Lex Luthor's Orange Lantern Battery (first post kept updated) (topic)
I cannot sit idly by watching other people build Lantern Batteries when the skills needed to accomplish the task are well within my reach.  Orange Lantern Lex Luthor wants a Lantern Battery of his own, and so he shall have one.Parts...
Costumers Hall


20-Jul-10 16:02:36
Would this mask work? (topic)
I am, wondering fo rmy Black Lantern Tempest that I am working on (got my ring finally btw) if a prostetic mask like this one would work for the character?
Costumers Hall


7-May-10 14:09:37
Bizarro Lantern (topic)
He everyone,Just had an idea for a costume. BIZARRO LANTERN!!!! DAN DAN DAHHHHHH!!!!! 
Costumers Hall

Chris Visser

4-Mar-10 00:53:00
Red Lantern (topic)
Hi guys. I was thinking of trying to make a Red Lantern next. Anybody got any decent reference pics they could post?
Costumers Hall

Chris Visser

2-Jan-10 09:59:23
Alan Scott Lantern W.I.P. (topic)
Just spent a half hour at the local hardware store looking for parts to start off an Alan Scott style Lantern I'd like to make. Here's what I've got so far. I just went to the plumbing section and got a piece of flow...
Costumers Hall

Chris Visser

15-Nov-09 04:08:26
Logo help? (topic)
Hiya guys, Ok so my costume is almost done, but I was wondering what would be the best way to attach a logo? I'm not particularly good at sewing so I'd rather not sew on a symbol.. So yeah, any suggestions?
Costumers Hall


10-May-09 11:42:49
Green Lantern the Movie fanvid trailer - 4 stars (topic)
Guys, Go and check it out. Simply awesome. (Note the 3-D design on the ring he created)
Costumers Hall


24-Jun-08 06:04:13