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BZZD build (topic)
when i saw this at a thrift store 1 thing came to mind Bzzdand so with a little deconstruction he's ready for base paint , almost a white lantern o.0and after a first round of paint looks somewhat familiar ....
Costumers Hall


12-Dec-11 19:53:36
Creating ideas for GL/SC costumes. (topic)
I have found that the customization of the costumes you can do on DC Universe Online help you in designing a costume. Considering most Green Lanterns have differently designed costumes. Although all of the Sinestro Corps costumes are the...
Costumers Hall


27-Nov-11 19:18:32
ring and battery finished (topic)
hi there guys ive been lurkin for awhile now and have decided to construct my own power battery and gl corps ring the ring is made one hundred percent of fimo and joined together with hotglue and the battery is a polystyrene sphere...
Costumers Hall


14-Jun-11 13:52:54
It's Not Easy Being Green...Lantern! (topic)
I had this nutty idea some time ago - and a friend made me a Kermit the Frog puppet to finally do it! The "uniform" is a GL Logo on a sweat band - just perfect for this - and the Ring? It is truly a 17,000mcd Green LED with a black...
Costumers Hall


23-Dec-10 05:38:28
Basically im new here...but have been planning this costume for months and I'm ready to start making it in time for SDCC! :D only problem is...the green parts are all going to be leather dyed by me...and they are going to be glued and...
Costumers Hall


22-May-10 09:14:53
My own version of a Green Lantern power battery (topic)
It's not replica quality, nor a faithful reproduction of the ones in the comics currently...but it's sturdy and I believe it will suffice for now.This is merely a noob's effort, but it's on the cheap!Any questions, comments, or concerns...
Costumers Hall

The Aviator

9-Apr-10 04:03:51
Alan Scott Lantern W.I.P. (topic)
Just spent a half hour at the local hardware store looking for parts to start off an Alan Scott style Lantern I'd like to make. Here's what I've got so far. I just went to the plumbing section and got a piece of flow...
Costumers Hall

Chris Visser

15-Nov-09 04:08:26